Branding for Small Businesses: Finally, something you can afford

Marketing is not out of reach for many small businesses, although many small businesses think it is. Since time is limited and funds follow suit, marketing can seem like a pipe dream. This doesn’t really help your business in the long run but marketing might not be as unattainable as you think. We, at fat […]


Marketing: Expense or Profit Center? (An age-old question)

We, the team at fat cat marketing, really wanted to explore what kind of role marketing plays in a business’ budget. We thought this night be helpful information to you because, as a business owner, marketing coordinator, or independent, anything to improve your customer’s experience should be considered. Remember! Marketing is NOT advertising although it […]

Client Corner: Where we take your questions and give everyone an answer!

A question we received from one of our respected businesses: Do you shop around for me and how do I know I am getting the best deal on these services? ANSWER: What sets fat cat marketing apart from other marketing companies is that we leverage various contract relationships we have developed over time to offer […]

Does it pay to pay?

According to three different articles written from 2007-2012, the opportunity costs of keeping the creativity in-house are dependent upon your business, your team and your purpose.  The main reason companies spend time and money on marketing is to keep their “brand” relevant in the ever-changing competitive landscape (McKee2012).  According to this author (president of McKee […]

Networking – Tips and Tricks

Professional networking can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be.  Keep in mind… It’s for your benefit! Why? 1.  To expand  your professional reach 2.   To build mutually beneficial relationships 3.    To Build contacts in a more diverse geographical location 4.    Gain more opportunity and referrals Here are a couple videos to […]

Welcome to the fat cat marketing community!

First, the fat cat marketing family would like to thank you for joining. As we continue to grow we will strive to provide you valuable content and knowledge as it relates to marketing and business practices in general. As we kick off 2013, and all of the upcoming projects companies around the world will be […]