Five memorable marketing “fails” of 2014

Happy November, friends! As 2014 draws to a close, it’s time to revisit your marketing strategy and evaluate what works for your brand – and what didn’t. This year, the press was buzzing with major marketing faux pas: some controversial, some outrageous, and all negative. After all, “any publicity is good publicity” doesn’t always ring […]

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Four basic criteria for devising a marketing plan

Can you believe 2014 is already winding down to a close? With summer over, and fall and winter racing into sight, this is a great time to start planning next year’s marketing plan. Do you have one? There are four basic elements to consider when devising a marketing strategy: 1. Research – How is your […]


What’s fat cat been up to? – Photography & Retouching

We’ve been working hard! Take a look for yourself. It’s been awhile since we sent out our last message, so we thought we’d just show you some of the projects we’ve been working on. Below you’ll see Before and After images which showcases our Photography and Retouching capabilities. A big shout out to 2 of […]


Marketing’s Waste

Here are some interesting facts found on Xerox’s website: 500 billion pages of marketing collateral are produced annually – a total retail value equal to $30 billion annually Printing accounts for only 14% of the total cost – just the tip of the iceberg Up to 31% of printed marketing materials become obsolete and are […]


Marketing Through the Ages

History of Marketing Collateral Every business since the beginning of time has had to market their goods and services in order to sell their product. The approach to marketing has changed over time. There are 5 eras of marketing that can be categorized by their approach. These eras of marketing in chronological order go as […]


Catalog Design: Must Follow Rules!

The fat cat marketing has years of experience producing catalogs. We’ve seen the good, bad and the ugly! If your company produces a catalog please take a moment to review some important “rules of the catalog road” we hold true at fat cat marketing. This article discusses successful catalog design rules, but keep in mind […]


Breaking News: Ronald McDonald got a DUI over the weekend

From a branding perspective, we wanted to explore which is better: Mascot or Spokesperson?   Ronald McDonald has greeted billions of hungry McDonald’s goers since 1963. The company still uses this brightly colored mascot for a reason. He can be completely controlled by the marketers at McDonald’s. Imagine Ronald getting a DUI! What would that […]


Re-Branding: Sink or Swim

The biggest goal of a successful business is growth and change. Think about how we grow and develop through the different stages of our lives.  Now apply this development to businesses. Revamping your company’s persona requires not only thinking of what your business does but also what it can become. Updating your brand may seem […]


Where those business cards really came from…

visite biletes…the visiting card used to announce the arrival of a distinguished guest in 17th century Europe.  The more decorated and unique the card was, the better (in some instances).  By the 19th century the visiting card was essential to social life and what we call “networking”. There was an etiquette for presenting these cards […]


Video: Impact and Income

Many don’t realize how important every aspect of marketing is. Video is becoming increasingly useful for customers when making purchasing decisions and also when setting the mood during an event like a product party.  The reality is that shooting and producing a quality video requires knowledge of emerging technology and special editing techniques. Some facts […]